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Lots of traditional pet foods in the market are made of grains and meat. However, some of the dogs have a lack of digestive enzymes, they can neither digest grain products nor absorbing the contained nutrients. They may even develop ails like diarrhoea, stomach-ache, which can cause serious harm to their health. To prevent this problem, choosing Be my baby dog food, which meets the nutritional standards of the authoritative NGO AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), as your babies’ diet, is definitely a smart choice!

Be my baby grain-free sole protein source whole dog food is manufactured by the American well-known Pet Food Company, Diamond Pet Foods.

Diamond Pet Foods was founded in 1970 by the brothers( Gary School and Richard Kampeter), they are dedicated to create nutritional, natural, safe and side-effect free  pet foods.

They made a promise, “We feed our pets with the pet foods we made. This is how much we trust in our products’ quality.” Every single recipe is designed by professional veterinarians and nutritionists, all formulas are produced under strict supervision, which is definitely in accordance with pets’ nutritional needs and safety standard. All products are manufactured in the 5 factories in the USA: two of them stationed in California, the other 3 stationed in the state of State of Missouri, State of Arkansas and the State of South California respectively.

Diamond Pet Foods also continuously monitor the ingredients, production environment, production process and finished products of cat and dog food to ensure the quality and safety standards of our food. We adhere to stringent and scientifically advanced food safety protocols to ensure the safety, nutrition, and quality of our pet foods, including:

    •    1,340 Mycotoxin Tests/week

    •    1,600+ Microbiological Tests/week

    •    225 Oxidative Stability Tests on Fats & Oils/month

    •    7,500+ Ingredient Nutritional Tests/month

    •    56,000+ Finished Product Nutritional Tests/month


Besides, all Diamond Pet Foods plants are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified.This means that a third-party audit ensures each of our facilities, our manufacturing process and our administrative procedures meet or exceed a strict set of standards set by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

Rigorous guidelines are in place for a variety of processes, including:

    •    Cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities

    •    Storage and handling of ingredients and products

    •    Knowledge and practices of staff

    •    Document control and record keeping


Diamond Pet Foods Insist on cooperating with reliable suppliers. Unlike many pet food manufacturers in the market that select suppliers by bidding and constantly switch to raw materials, Diamond Pet Foods maintains long-term close contact with a few suppliers, and can better maintain the quality, safety and production efficiency of food. We always use top-quality ingredients, wild high-quality raw materials, absolutely no grains and by-products, and stay away from sensitive sources, including: wild real whitefish, cage-free turkey and cage-free duck. Natural, organic ingredients are beneficial to dogs’ health.


Be my baby acknowledge that some dogs are allergic to grain products. Also, as dogs belong to carnivorous canines, such as wolves and whiskers, Be my baby launched a low-allergy grain-free dog food formula that allows your dog to enjoy their meal safely and happily.

Special ratio of protein to fat:

The ratio in the 3 versions of dog food formula is designed by a professional veterinarian team, the ratio of protein to fat is 24% and 14% respectively, which satisfies the energy needs of different dogs, especially the indoor dogs in Hong Kong. Most of them have an exercise level of moderate or low, this recipe is sufficient for them.


*According to a study, exercising for 60-120 minutes a day categorised as high-exercise level dog, 60-90 minutes is a medium-exercise level dog, and less than 60 minutes is a medium-low-exercise level dog. If a dog with insufficient exercise absorbs too much protein and fat, it may cause obesity.


low sensitivity formula:

To prevent dogs from suffering from allergic reactions, Be my baby uses high quality protein as main source, and use sweet potatoes and potatoes as substitution of grains.


Sole usage of animal protein:

Some dogs may be allergic to certain types of protein.

Consuming single type of meat protein may help us to identify the allergy source and prevent gastrointestinal problem.


Grain-free recipe: Grain-free recipe prevents pets from having allergic reactions towards wheat, corn, soybeans, etc. It is also artificial colours, additives and preservatives free, which pose no harm to your dog.    


Moreover, every recipe designed by the professional team of Be my baby contains rich and fruitful nutritional value:


High-quality fresh meat: The recipes adopt fresh meat with no hormones. Without being stored in freezers, the quality reaches human consumption standards. Using real wild whitefish, turkey and duck as main animal protein source, which is organic and toxin-free, with high palatability, providing high quality protein, helps building muscles and improving overall health.


Fatty acids: the formula is rich in omega fatty-acids, which can improve skin health, brightening and smoothening fur, strengthening immune system and stopping bacterias from invading, maintaining health of internal organs, and keep dogs at their optimal health.


Contains over 7 types of fruits and vegetables: The formula contains  7 types of fresh fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, chickpeas, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, which makes the recipe rich in vitamins and herbal fiber to enhance resistance and improve gastrointestinal health.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes: instead of grains, prevent allergic reactions, provide rich carbohydrate nutrition, are also rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and maintain the normal functioning of cells and organs at all times.

Pea: It is rich in dietary fiber, which helps digestion and absorption. Among them, vitamin B and a variety of minerals help regulate the body's metabolism and maintain the best condition of the dog.

Chickpeas: Chickpeas, known as the "King of Beans", contain a variety of plant-based proteins and trace elements, which are highly nutritious and help maintain blood pressure levels.

Tomatoes: Contains natural antioxidants such as high vitamin C and lycopene to delay aging.

Blueberries: Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, further enhance the immune system.

Raspberries: Contains natural antioxidant ingredients, delays aging, strengthens physical fitness, and reduces the chance of cancer.


Dried chicory root: After fermentation, dried chicory root provides energy for cells in the intestines and beneficial bacteria, promotes digestion, and helps dogs absorb nutrients.


Yucca extract: It can thicken the intestinal mucosa of dogs, inhibit bacteria, maintain intestinal health, and reduce stool odour.


Specially added probiotics: In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, the formula is specially added with probiotics to effectively inhibit harmful bacteria, regulate and improve the intestines and stomach, and enhance resistance.


Low fat content: It is guaranteed that long-term consumption will not cause over-fat problems.


Avoid re-cooking of meat: Many pet foods in the market will cook the meat ingredients twice (the supplier cooks once, the manufacturer cooks again), and Be my baby only cooks the meat once to ensure that the meat reaches the freshest state , retain the most and best nutrition.


Special pellet design: The dry food pellets are moderate in size (12mm), which can be enjoyed by small dogs or large dogs. Dogs can clean their teeth when chewing.


Be my baby, a grain-free natural cat and dog food created by Diamond Pet Foods, loved by thousands of owners, will surely meet the various needs of your pets! After Pet Food Industry's benchmark assessments based on annual revenue, brand reputation, product categories, etc. Diamond Pet Food has become the world's sixth pet food company, regardless of whether your pet is young or old, has low or high level of physical activity, and needs to stay in shape or improve physical fitness.

The ingredients in Be my baby are natural and harmless, easy to digest, adequate and balanced in nutrition, suitable for dogs of all ages. The formula carefully developed by a professional team meets the different needs of dogs. Whether it is a dog with sensitive skin, food allergies,  gastrointestinal problem, obesity or picky eating habits, Be my baby has a natural, delicious and nutritious product suitable for it!



For Dogs|GRAIN-FREE Whitefish&Sweet Potato Formula

Whitefish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which keeps your dog's hair healthy and shiny

As the first main ingredient, fresh whitefish is rich in high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acid, which have an excellent effect on your dog's hair. Whitefish has lower fat content than salmon and tuna, and its protein is more stable and less prone to deterioration. The single fresh meat is the main source of protein, effectively preventing meat allergy and reducing the chance of gastrointestinal sensitivity. 24% protein+14% fat, adequate energy, and not easily getting fat even if your dog eats too much.



For Dogs|GRAIN-FREE Turkey&Sweet Potato Formula

Turkey has a great effect of nourishing, especially for dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivity or weak digestion and absorption 

As the first main ingredient, fresh turkey has light meathigh proteinlow fatlow cholesterolhigh nutritional value, and can nourish dog's stomach, especially suitable for dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivity or weak digestion and absorption. The single fresh meat is the main source of protein, effectively preventing meat allergy and reducing the chance of gastrointestinal sensitivity. 24% protein+14% fat, adequate energy, and not easily getting fat even if your dog eats too much.



For Dogs|GRAIN-FREE Duck&Sweet Potato Formula

Duck meat enhances palatability, especially for dogs with partial eclipse habits or poor appetite

As the first main ingredient, fresh duck meat has excellent palatability and can greatly stimulate dog's appetite, which is very suitable for dogs with partial eclipse habits or poor appetite. The single fresh meat is the main source of protein, which can effectively prevent meat allergy and reduce the chance of gastrointestinal sensitivity. 24% protein+14% fat, adequate energy, and not easily getting fat even if your dog eats too much.